Daniel Miller

I saved £466 switching with the Mail Disillusioned with the cost of his energy bills, Mail reader Daniel Miller decided to take a stand. He compared and switched his supplier with Mail Finance and saved £466 a year.

”I had no problems with my previous supplier, I just knew I wasn’t getting the best deal. I knew it was time to change because I had heard that costs to the supplier had decreased and that there were cheaper alternative tariffs on the market” said Daniel."

“I never feel energy companies give the consumer the best deal, cheaper oil and a decrease in the cost of wholesale gas should mean cheaper prices but it would seem this isn’t reflected in the price of a lot of tariffs on the market” added Daniel. “The process as a whole using the Daily Mail was simple considering the amount I saved. I am really happy with my new supplier E.on who have been quick to respond, given me tips on how to cut my energy usage, regularly asked for meter readings so my bill is more accurate and most importantly have put me on a cheap one year fixed tariff. “I’m going to put the £466 I saved towards some much needed improvements to my house and maybe even some bottles of champagne,” joked Daniel.

If, like Daniel, you are frustrated at the high prices you are paying for your energy you should take the few minutes necessary to compare the whole of the market with our Mail Finance Switch. The winning tariff cost just £885 a year for dual fuel at medium usage and was fixed for one year. That was hundreds of pounds cheaper than a typical standard tariff at the time and £407 cheaper than the average bill of £1,292 (Source: Ofgem).

“I’m going to put the £466 I saved towards some much needed improvements to my house ” said Daniel.